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Overview Questions

19 April 2009 No Comment

This has been a enlightening and challenging class.  The books we read lead way into fascinating discussions

that have caused me to re think many preconceived notions I have about;

metaphors, images, comic books, categorizing, the list goes on and on.  Now that the semester is coming to an end we

find ourselves looking back over all we have learned.  These questions are designed to try to help

us get an overview of the semester. 

Hopefully they will help in our discussion. 


I am sure that we each learned a great deal for

all of the books that we read for this class. 

But if you had to chose, which do you think had; the biggest impact on

you, caused you to make foreseen and unforeseen connections, helped you to

grasp an unknown concept or see something in a new way, etc?



What connections or ideas are present from

author to author?  What concepts do you

think that the authors would agree about? 

What do you think that they would disagree about?



When working on the final project for this

course, were there any concepts from the reading that you focused on

specifically?  (Of course we all tried to

pay attention to the lessons of the books but was there anyone that influenced

your project in particular?)



After using Twitter and the IAOC blog for the

past few months has your opinion changed about these forms of communication?


During the first few weeks of class we attempted

to identify possible information ecologies within Rowan.  Now that we have read the remaining books and

completed the map project do you still agree with what we had originally

said?  Are there any other ecologies that

we missed?



Do you think that the information on your poster

presentation could be considered beautiful evidence? If not why? Is there

anything that could have been done differently to make it more so?



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