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Coming Attractions Search Engine Friendly Copy

22 October 2007 No Comment

Coming soon to a screen near you:
October  29-November 2, 2007
GUEST: Dianna Huff, Marcom Writer Blog

TOPIC: Writing Search Engine Friendly Copy

Is SEO magic? manipulation? a myth?

In a recent teleclass at which Dianna Huff was a guest, white paper guru Michael Stelzner asked, “What's more important: the words humans read on the landing page or manipulating information in favor of search engines?”

As a B2B marcom consultant and SEO copywriter, Dianna Huff bristles at the word, “manipulation.” “The biggest myth,” she says, “is that you can manipulate the search engines — especially Google — to do anything.”

So what can you do with SEO? Is it a science, an art… or hocus-pocus? Join Dianna as she reveals what SEO is and isn't…. why direct response writers make ideal SEO copywriters, how to write copy that's BOTH search engine and people friendly, and why high-quality content will do more for your SEO efforts than “manipulating” the search engines.


Dianna Huff blogs at the MarCom Writer blog. When she's not blogging, she's working with clients on projects ranging from e-newsletters and Websites to search engine optimization and online marketing.

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