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Upcoming Blog Show: Dave Taylor on "Is It Okay to Get Paid to Blog?"

12 October 2007 3 Comments

The Blogosphere honors “Transparency” above all. Publishers of fake blogs or are treated like horse thieves in the old West.

But is blogging an art form or a business? Blogging guru Dave Taylor may ruffle some feathers next week with a look at whether it's OK to take pay for blogging. Is it OK to ghostwrite a blog? Are paid bloggers like bounty hunters? Or have bloggers become like any other professional writers? Then again, didn't Moliere say, “Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.”


Dave Taylor blogs at Intuitive Life
Business Blog,
Blogsmart and Ask Dave Taylor. He is esteemed for his technical and business expertise and is sure to have some important insights on what has become a controversial issue

Tune in next week. And keep your powder dry!


  • Anonymous said:

    The question itself is rife with naivete and not so hidden intent to control.
    More simply put – it's stupid.
    The premise is silly.
    Almost everything we do is 'ghost written' in some way. We don't grow our own food. We don't build our own homes. Blah blah blah.
    Is the blog attracting interested readers perceiving real value? Are they indeed receiving real value?
    Those questions and their answers are what is at the core of blogging. Blogging isn't any different than anything else.
    Bloggers think it's special, but it's not. It's a different, albeit, very cool way of reaching out to folks both subjectively and objectively – for non-profit and profit motives.
    Unless you're prepared to say out loud the customers paying for services or products, or subscribing for a monthly fee on blogs are idiots – the premise needs to be trashed.
    Hired guns are what drives commerce in the world. It matters not whether the product is sold or given away. I don't care, and neither do the blog readers.
    This is a false issue reminding me of all the hippies in the 60's tilting at windmills – who're now the exact people they were protesting. The difference is, they're now not so damn naive.

  • Anonymous said:

    Your comment raises good questions, but I disagree that the topic is “silly” or “stupid.”
    Part of the impetus behind blogging – and Web 2.0 — is a desire for transparency. That is, it used to be good enough that someone made tasty sausage. “Who cares how the sausage is made, as long as it tastes good” sounds to me similar to your argument about getting paid to blog: who cares, as long as the blog delivers good info.
    But nowadays, people do care — about how their shoes are made, how their sausage is made, and how blogs are made. They want to know, were you paid to review that product on your blog? Were you paid to post that comment on my blog?
    It does matter, and there is some controversy — particularly about people not disclosing they are being paid to blog. If your response is any indication, it is a topic people have strong feelings about. Should be a good show. Thanks for contributing!

  • Anonymous said:

    Boy, I gotta say that you have strong opinions. Maybe you should be identifying your own bias in this regard overtly, rather than implying it with your comments? Then again, that's one of the core questions behind what I'm wrestling with this week on the IAOC blog anyway…
    (somewhat tongue in cheek)
    Dave T.