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[31 Oct 2007 | One Comment | ]

My colleague and friend, Lyn Chamberlin, who specializes in personal branding, asked me to look at her Website, SkyePR, …

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[30 Oct 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

Morty posted a great question to yesterday's post: “Can you give us numbers-challenged wordsmiths an introduction on how to actually read the data from Google Analytics?”
One reason I recommend Google Analytics is because it's so easy to use and read. Before they changed the interface, its analytics application was very clumsy — I used to spend hours trying to figure out how to find the data I needed. Now it's quite elegant.
The other reason I recommend Google Analytics is because the application distinguishes between traffic from Google Adword campaigns and those coming from organic searches. The freebie …

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[29 Oct 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

To start off my week of blog posts about “search engine friendly” copy, I'd first like to define what exactly this term means to me.
I hear people use this phrase as a way of dismissing search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Because you're writing copy for the search engines, as opposed for people, the thinking goes,  optimized copy really isn't as powerful as pure direct response copy.
Of course, I completely disagree.
This week, I'm going to focus on optimized copy that's written for people and that also helps a site rank …

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[26 Oct 2007 | Comments Off on REMINDER: Search Engine Friendly Copy with Dianna Huff | ]

Is your website lost? Now it will be found!Tune in Monday forSearch Engine Friendly CopyOctober  29-November 2, 2007GUEST: Dianna Huff, Marcom Writer BlogTOPIC: Writing Search Engine Friendly Copy

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[26 Oct 2007 | Comments Off on Will CEO Blogs Ever Take Off? | ]

Define “Take Off”
CEO blogs WILL become more popular. There will be more CEO blogs in the future — of that I'm quite certain.
I can even imagine certain CEO Positions requiring the CEO blogs!
But most CEOs will never blog, at least with a “traditional” blog. Most CEOs, and companies, just aren't right for it, for a multitude of reasons.
One area I see a lot of potential for CEO blogs is in the internal blog — a blog accessible only to employees, for example behind the firewall or password …

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[25 Oct 2007 | Comments Off on COMING SOON: Listening in on the Marketing Conversation with Lois Kelly | ]

ABOUT THE TOPIC:We are all know by now that “Markets are conversations.” But Lois Kelly, author of Beyond Buzz, says it's not enough anymore to spread “Word of Mouth.” To succeed in the marketplace today, you have to have a meaningful dialog — and really listen to your market.
Stay tuned for more details. And be sure to join IAOCblog.com November  5-9, 2007 when guest host Lois Kelly takes over the conversation with:Conversational Marketing: Mood over Matter?
Lois Kelly writes, consults and speaks about how to use conversational marketing …

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[25 Oct 2007 | 6 Comments | ]

One big reason CEOs and other executives give for not even considering blogging is the time commitment.
What about “Ghost Blogging” — could this ease the time burden and the blogging still be effective?
The chorus of self righteous bloggers, and we are a self righteous group, are probably chanting “Evil”, “Not Authentic” and “Burn Ghost Bloggers and Bloggees at The Stake” now!
Sure, a blog entirely produced and scripted is not going to be effective. For example Dilbert's boss' blog was entirely produced without his input (to see it done very wrong …

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[24 Oct 2007 | 5 Comments | ]

There are plenty of reasons CEOs or other executives shouldn't blog, and many of them certainly shouldn't.
I'll go as far as to say that many organizations do NOT need to blog. Sure, they could, and they might benefit from it, but please let's not have any of that rhetoric that all companies must start blogging soon or they'll go the way of the dodo — extinct. Simply not true — although MANY organizations can benefit from blogging.
Here are 5 commonly given reasons CEOs and other executives shouldn't blog. I don't …

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[23 Oct 2007 | 3 Comments | ]

There are plenty of reasons for CEOs and other high level executives to blog. I'm skipping the “because communicating is good” and concentrating on the solid benefits in this list.
1) Blogs add a personality and face to a company. This can mean more business — more dollars and cents.
Let's face it, people don't tend to trust big organizations anymore, whether it's the US Government, Microsoft, Worldcom, Enron,
etc. People do however trust people they know, and like to do business
with people they know and trust. When an executive blogs, they become …

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[22 Oct 2007 | Comments Off on Coming Attractions Search Engine Friendly Copy | ]

Coming soon to a screen near you:October  29-November 2, 2007GUEST: Dianna Huff, Marcom Writer Blog
TOPIC: Writing Search Engine Friendly Copy
Is SEO magic? manipulation? a myth?
In a recent teleclass at which Dianna Huff was a guest, white paper guru Michael Stelzner asked, “What's more important: the words humans read on the landing page or manipulating information in favor of search engines?”
As a B2B marcom consultant and SEO copywriter, Dianna Huff bristles at the word, “manipulation.” “The biggest myth,” she says, “is that you can manipulate the search engines — especially Google …