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Hot property for sale on Facebook

3 July 2007 2 Comments

For those of you following along at home, you are well aware by now that I am an avid user of social networking sites, particularly Facebook. I started my blogging journey talking about the corporate makeover of MySpace. It is now safe to say that Facebook is on the same path to monitizing its users by selling its “real estate.”

The corporate selling of Facebook is a little more subtle than MySpace. No single company owns Facebook yet, but they have allowed lots of companies to own pieces of the website like monopoly properties.

The Facebook Platform has invited almost anyone to create new applications for its Facebook users. The applications are divided into categories ranging from music to dating.  Each user now has the option to add these applications to their profiles for all their friends to see and interact with.

Techcrunch, has reported that more than 70 companies are developing applications for Facebook. The idea is that these applications will work as viral marketing for the companies that create them. If one person puts the application in their profile, the company hopes it will spread through their network of friends.

In many cases this has been a success. According to Reuters.com, iLike, an online music community has become the fastest growing music service on the internet. Who do they have to thank? Facebook users of course.

Eventually will some smart entrepreneur buy up a complete collection of these little applets and dominate the site? Or maybe one really hot application will top them all. All it takes is one hot piece of Facebook property to become the next Donald Trump of Facebook.  


  • Anonymous said:

    I full heartily agree with your statements. I myself have installed many of applications on my facebook. There is even an application for my DOG!! Facebook is taking us all by storm. I can't wait to see what comes next!

  • Anonymous said:

    Spot on article. I just recently joined and even though I'm a rookie in that venue, I can tell it has tremendous potential – and it will only get better.