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[27 Sep 2006 | Comments Off on Some Final Thoughts on IT vs. Business Units | ]

I'm at DEMOfall '06…the semi-annual emerging technology show of choice for the last 15 years. Chris Shipley…highly respected excecutive …

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[25 Sep 2006 | One Comment | ]

By D. Weinstein
Opportunely published at a time when corporations large and small are starting
to see the value and strategy in blogging, Debbie Weil's “The Corporate
Blogging Book: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get it Right” (Portfolio, 2006) does well providing a guide to newbies
thinking about jumping into it all.
Derived from Weil’s own blog and
consulting practice, with footnotes galore, the book is well-sourced, an easy
read and prescient.
To be clear: This book is not primarily for those who already participate. But
for those who need guidance before taking part. Blog-savvy readers, …

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[22 Sep 2006 | Comments Off on Call for Show Topics | ]

We have had some truly rousing discussions already this fall season on IAOCblog.com. We'd like to keep the momentum going. If you would be willing to lead the discussion on the blog for a week, please send me e-mail with a suggested show topic.
We have been talking about CEO bloggers this week. One way for CEOs to ease the brutal time commitment of daily blogging while still looking techno-savvy is to be a guest on someone else's blog — like ours.
There are a lot of support people behind the scenes …

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[21 Sep 2006 | 3 Comments | ]

Talk about opening a can of worms with the first two questions on the theme of this week's discussion: Should the CEO blog?
1. Is it OK to ghostwrite a CEO blog?
2. Should a ghostblogger for a CEO reveal him or herself?
Suffice it say that there does *not* appear to be agreement on these two questions. The writer/copywriter types generally weigh in on the side of, “Of course it's OK to ghostblog; that's what executive speechwriters do.” Those who are not writers, per se, but who work in a corporate …

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[21 Sep 2006 | 5 Comments | ]

Debbie Weil's questions about the advisability and ethics of ghostwritten CEO blogs raises a broader question about the future of blog standards. If blogs become as widespread as websites, will the same community standards be enforced (or enforceable)? Will the average reader know (or care) about the standards? Amy Gahran rightly pointed out in her comment that today ghost written blogs (or other types of phony blogs for that matter) will be outed by the blogosphere. That works in online communities where there are sufficient numbers of independent bloggers who …

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[19 Sep 2006 | 11 Comments | ]

Yesterday's responses to the question, “Is it OK to ghostwrite a CEO blog?” added up for the most part to “Yes.” I still have some reservations, idealist that I am.
Disclosure: I'm a non-corporate type who relishes *not* being locked up in a cubicle. Don't get me wrong; I love working with the smart folks who are brave enough to work within the confines – and exciting potential – of a large corporation. I envy their big salaries, big budgets, business cards stamped “SVP of” and all that. No quibbles …

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[18 Sep 2006 | 21 Comments | ]

This is one of the questions I get asked most often. What I want to know, dear reader, is what you think?
A bit of context: Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems and the only public Fortune 500 CEO blogger, says he writes his own blog. He told AP reporter Rachel Konrad:
“The blog has become for me the single most effective vehicle to
communicate to all of our constituencies – developers, media, analysts
and shareholders,” Schwartz said in an interview in his Silicon Valley
office. “When I go out and have dinner with …

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[15 Sep 2006 | Comments Off on Coming Sept. 18-22: Should the CEO Blog? | ]

ABOUT THE TOPIC: CEO blogs are the, topic du jour these days with Sun Microsystems' CEO Jonathan Schwartz, the first Fortune 500 CEO blogger, evangelizing the benefits of this powerful new communications channel. Dozens of CEOs in the U.S. and other countries, heads of both public and private companies, are starting their own blogs. Here's a list of CEO and senior executive bloggers.
But there are lots of questions:
Can a CEO or senior executive write openly enough to make his or her blog compelling and not just a PR stunt? What …

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[14 Sep 2006 | Comments Off on More on the IT Roadblock | ]

Furthering our discussion of how Information Technology (IT) departments sometimes frustrate efforts at speedy, efficient messaging by marketing communications professionals — a discussion launched by Dee Rambeau here and embraced by David Johnson on his blog — and taken up by Neville Hobson on his blog and germane to this week's discussion on Knowledge Management tools, I would like to weigh in with a quote from today's Wall Street Journal. The article is entitled, “Offices Co-Opt Consumer Web Tools Like 'Wikis' and Social Networking,” by Vaughini Vara.
“For some, trying new …

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[14 Sep 2006 | 2 Comments | ]

I have always wondered what it would be like to be sucked into a Black Hole.  Would it be …