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[30 Jun 2006 | 4 Comments | ]

All the copywriting experts warn: Don't use humor in advertising! “People don't buy products from clowns,” thundered the grandfather of modern advertising…

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[28 Jun 2006 | Comments Off on Declaring War on "Creativity" II | ]

The battle goes on…. At the end of my last entry, I wrote, “Perhaps the best model for this type of flawed thinking is a military one….

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[27 Jun 2006 | Comments Off on Video Podcasting for IBM and Wimbledon | ]

I thought I would point you to some “new media” usage in the context of a sports event; Wimbledon.
As you might know, IBM has been the technology partner of Wimbledon for more than 10 years now. Both the Wimbledon official site and the IBM page dedicated to this classic tennis tournament have some great examples of online communications using the latest techniques.
Here are just 2 of them:
Video Podcasting the IBM team at Wimbledon.
The “On Demand” Scoreboard

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[26 Jun 2006 | Comments Off on Declaring War on "Creativity" | ]

Are you “creative”?… Too much of what passes for marketing is based on creative whim. General advertisers often shoot blind, trying to make “impressions” instead of targeting sales.

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[19 Jun 2006 | Comments Off on Audience and Presenters Applaud Interaction | ]

If there is a subtitle for last week's “Where Content Meets Technology” at the IBM Forum, Brussels, it could be “Where Audience and Presenters Interact.”
The conference opened Thursday, June 15 with two sessions of roundtable presentations. The roundtable format was a new experience for most, and many–both those listening and those presenting–reported a high level of satisfaction. The two things people said they like most is the informality and how easy it is to interact. And the interaction isn't simply two-way between the presenter and a questioners. It often …

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[16 Jun 2006 | 2 Comments | ]

It's Friday, the last day of my week as discussion leader on the IAOC blog. Thanks to the thoughtful people who have left dozens of comments and trackbacks. I’ve you’ve missed any of the action, start here. Direct-to-consumer news releases: Do they suck? There is one new post for each day this week.So today I wanted to highlight an interesting case example. I was important for me to use a very current example, rather than one I've talked about in the past. This week Brian Carroll's new book Lead Generation …

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[16 Jun 2006 | 2 Comments | ]

We're in our second day and again have 3 tables with a lot of interaction going on.
Philip Young is discussing the latest finding on blogging in Europe. Definitely a different scene on this side of the Ocean – lots of differences in culture from country to country.
Simon McDermott from Attentio is talking about monitoring buzz online and Marcus Messner covers managing an online crisis at his table.
You can follow all the pictures taken at the conference on Flickr.
In my role of IBM PR Manager I gave our attendees a …

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[15 Jun 2006 | 3 Comments | ]

Here they are, the first pictures of the IAOC European Conference in Brussels !

Susan Fitzgerald and Don Dunnington kicked off with an introduction on the IAOC and explaining the – for us Europeans – strange set up of the conference (moving from table to table…)
You can see the pictures on a trial wiki we're testing out.
We're in the first paper presentation session till 3:34PM. We have 25 people right now, more to come for the next session and the full day tomorrow.
Updates regarding the conference will happen on the wiki.

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[15 Jun 2006 | 2 Comments | ]

One of the most elusive goals of a press release is that the release itself becomes a topic of online conversation. Of course, those of us who write and send releases would love to have mainstream media write about us. But what might be even more difficult is to have bloggers start a conversation about the contents of a press release. What do you think about the press release as viral marketing fodder? Can we communicators make it happen? Do bloggers care?To get you thinking, check out today's PRWeb announcement …

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[14 Jun 2006 | 7 Comments | ]

I am having fun “hosting” this special week on the International Association of Online Communicators blog. Lots of good dialog is happening. Thanks for your participation.Steve O’Keefe suggests a new topic Are Direct-to-Consumer News Releases morphing into News Programs?Steve says: “We are now speaking of news releases that are no longer news releases; they are programming. You exchange something of value for attention — help with a problem, an entertaining animation, a tip sheet for packing Christmas presents. David, what say you about news releases as news programs? or entertainment?”Thanks …