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Blogging my newest book The New Rules of Marketing and PR and you're invited to contribute

18 August 2006 2 Comments

I have started writing a new book tentatively titled “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” and I need your help!

I'll be blogging the book on my own Web Ink Now blog as I go through the research, writing, editing, and marketing process and I invite you to follow along, to contribute to the process, to offer suggestions, and to argue with me when I get off track. The book will take about 4 months to write.

I'm writing The New Rules of Marketing and PR to show how smart organizations reach buyers through blogs, news releases, podcasting, and online media. As IAOC members know, the old rules of marketing as one-way broadcast TV-style advertising don't work on the web. The old rules of relying exclusively on mainstream media to tell your story isn't the only way to get ink on the web.

In a sense, IAOC members have already contributed to the book via the tremendous conversations around news releases. Many great ideas came from that debate. For example, when using releases to reach buyers directly I now say “news releases” instead of “press releases.” That's because there was so much feedback on the term “press release” on this blog from people who equated press releases with reaching the media but news releases with reaching buyers.

Another thing that came out is that it’s not just PR that has new rules, its also marketing. On the web PR doesn't exist in a vacuum: marketing and PR are one and the same in that they are both ways to reach buyers with a message. Thank you for enlightening me!

But the greatest idea that came from the online conversation is that there is more to be said on the new rules. Much more. And not just by me. So my blog and the resulting book is a starting point for many more conversations on how to use the web to reach buyers.

The web has changed the business book model and my case is an interesting example. On the strength of my e-book The New Rules of PR and the interest in the “new rules” from thousands of people, I hired a terrific literary agent. We showed interested publishers how the e-book tested the market, gauged interest and that there is demand for more detailed information on how to reach buyers directly.

I couldn’t be happier that Wiley will be publishing the book with a late 2007 target release.  Wiley is an awesome publisher and the professionals there get the new publishing model as well as the new rules of marketing and PR. Other publishers would freak out if an author wanted to put bits of the book out for comment and solicit ideas online. 

Some of my favorite books evolved on blogs. Two that come to mind are Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Isreal (also a Wiley book!) and The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. Great company indeed. Thanks for showing the way, guys.

Thanks for the help so far and I look forward to hearing more in the months to come.


  • Anonymous said:

    Congratulations on getting an agent, getting a book deal, and getting in with John Wiley & Sons. I've worked for them for over a decade and I can't say enough about the way they publish: very sharp. Your book is a perfect match for them.
    I'm glad, too, that the IAOC has had such an impact on your work — mine, too. We have been talking about repackaging IAOCblog material into a “best practices” book but I haven't had the time to put together a proposal. If your agent or editor has any interest, I'll get off my duff and pitch them.
    Best of luck with the new book — and do keep us posted on your progress.
    Wiley Author and Publicist

  • Anonymous said:

    Thanks Steve!
    Meeting you at the IAOC event in Valley Forge was inspirational and got me moving with drafting my proposal. Thank you!