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[22 May 2005 | Comments Off on More to Come on IBM | ]

This week on IAOCblog, we will be continuing our discussion with Philippe Borremans about IBM's online communication.

There's a great podcast discussion about Philippe's post concerning IBM's online jamming. You can hear it on the latest “For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report.” If you haven't listened to this well done talk show, try it now.

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[18 May 2005 | Comments Off on Online "Jamming" at IBM | ]

Some 3 years ago IBM tried a new approach to what is called “social computing” – within IBM we call …

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[17 May 2005 | Comments Off on IBM PR Manager talks about blogging, wikis and collaboration | ]

This week IAOC member Philippe Borremans has agreed to talk about the way IBM is embracing internet technology to foster collaboration within the company. You may remember Philippe from his post about internal Blogs at IBM and the use of RSS in crisis communication. With news breaking May 13 of their 320,000 employee corporate wide blogging initiative, it appears Philippe could have lots of blogging company.
We'll also take a look at how IBM used wikis, instant messaging and something called “jamming” to define their corporate values and set guidelines for IBM …

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[15 May 2005 | Comments Off on Closing thoughts on Professional Blogs | ]

Just a couple of closing thoughts on this subject:
1.  News and Information blogs sites are becoming more professional every day.  I like to direct people to Silicon Valley Watcher as an example of a professional news blog, but Arianna Huffington's The Huffington Post may be even a better example.  Started on May 9th the site includes blog posts from Walter Cronkite. Ellen Degeneres and other well known folks.  If you haven't seen it, take a look. 
2.  I've been talking to a wide variety of “for profit” bloggers over the last couple …

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[13 May 2005 | 2 Comments | ]

There are a lot of blog discussions these days about the economics of blogging.  While there is still a lot of debate on the legitimacy of making money blogging, as I pointed out in my earlier post on the The Professionalization of Blogs the reality is blogging for profit already exists and is growing rapidly.
Despite the growth of for profit blogs, successful blogging business models are still being developed and few blogs generate substantial revenue.  Today, most for profit bloggers have a mix of income streams.  My favorite for profit …

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[12 May 2005 | Comments Off on Consumers, Blogs and Trusted Sources of Information | ]

For many years IFTF research has shown – no surprise here – that trust is a critical factor in people’s decision making processes.  More recent research shows that consumers are increasingly information intensive in their product research, and online consumers actively use and trust online information sources in product research. 
We’ve recently started a research project looking at how consumers use blogs as part of their product research and purchasing decision processes.  Our early results indicate that blogs currently have little or no impact on most consumers.  However, leading edge users …

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[9 May 2005 | 4 Comments | ]

The Professionalization of Blogs – Implications for Communications
Back in March Newsweek ran an article about blogger Jason Kottke quitting his day job and becoming a professional blogger.  At the Institute for the Future we’ve been following the emergence of professional blogs for several years.  By “professional” I mean blogs that are authored by people who blog for a living or blog as part of their work.  While this definition is not precise, my aim is to differentiate between blogs written for fun or as hobby, and blogs written to make money …

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[6 May 2005 | Comments Off on Next Week: The Professionalization of Blogs – Implications for Corporate Communications and PR | ]

Whether you’re confounded about how to communicate with them, or you’re dreaming of becoming one of them, you won’t want to miss next week’s focus on professional blogging. Leading the discussion is Steve KIng, a senior advisor at the Institute for the Future (IFTF).
King has been looking into the blogsphere at IFTF and finds that an increasing number of blogs are being authored by professional bloggers. He defines professional bloggers as those who see blogging as their primary business, or as an important marketing channel for their primary businesses.  He says …

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[6 May 2005 | Comments Off on Cliff Allen Weighs In with a Small Sample of His RSS Feeds | ]

It’s a good thing RSS feeds have no weight, or Cliff Allen might have to be a body builder to carry around his complete collection, which he once told me numbers in the hundreds.
In his latest email to me, he admits, “I still seem to collect RSS feeds faster than I collect bookmarks!”
Both his consulting firm and his CRM software firm are focused on sales and marketing, and that’s also the focus for much of his blog reading. Some of his current favorites:
CRM Mastery is a blog by Jim Berkowitz …

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[5 May 2005 | Comments Off on We Look in Gwendolynn's RSS Purse | ]

GG is on the road for the rest of the week, but before she got away we took a look inside her RSS bag…