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What's In Your RSS Feedbag?

2 May 2005 One Comment

Happy Monday Everybody!

Last week I had a rare couple of hours for catch-up work, and I found myself tidying up my RSS feeds. Going down the list I was muttering to myself, Wired news is getting much too political these days, might just delete that one in favor of Reuters Tech news… hmmm… what possessed me to subscribe to that New York Theatre news feed?… Hey! shoes on sale in LA this weekend!

Looking at my diverse and occasionally strange list of news and blog feeds, I started to wonder what was on the list of some of the people I know. What were they reading, and would their list give any insight to their hobbies and interests?

I started checking around. The first thing I saw was that RSS feeds are definitely not fully in the mainstream yet.

My friend the travel writer and expat living in South Korea wrote back, “RSS??  What's RSS? I'm in Phuket, I don't think we have it here. Does Bill Gates own it? Weather's Great!”

My PR Powerhouse girlfriend, who is a well wired, ipod-toting, text-messaging under thirty type said, “I'm embarrassed to say that I like to read my blogs the old fashioned way. I don't have any feeds!”

A techie friend from the code-writing side said, “I haven't set up any feeds – I get newsletters and emails from lists which get filed in a folder that I never have time to open and read anyway.”

Though this kind of response was a bit discouraging in terms of finding all the neat and funny RSS skeletons in the closets of my friends, it does remind the early adopters among us that the mainstream is a big place, and full adoption takes time.

My friend Ann Coombs, futurist and author of the book The Living Workplace said that though she doesn't get any RSS feeds herself, she does have an email broadcast with a mailing list of 250,000 and by the way, she's looking for speakers for the International World Futurist Conference in July, 2006 in Toronto ; check out: www.wfs.org. Hmmm.

Another friend, young and heavily wired into the gaming crowd said that he reads Warren Ellis' blog (www.warrenellis.com) on a regular basis… in response to my email, he said he thought he might just set up some feeds this week.

More to come this week – the email replies are trickling in to my laptop – but please do post your favorite feeds! Inquiring minds want to know – What's in your Feedbag??


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