In my last post, I suggested that the authors who assembled in this space last week align their (our) respective thoughts in the writing of a book. I've thought a bit more about this, and now propose a new title:

“Wiki World: Collaborative PR in the New Neural Age.”

My contribution will be three-fold:

– first-hand reports on wiki applications in four  environments

– application of future wiki functionality in ProfNet

– neural analogies as appropriate

Based on the discussion that took place last week on the IAOC blog, I'll invite:

Elizabeth Albrycht to supply a chapter on the new communications model we need to develop to comprehend the power of wikis.

Neville Hobson to supply a chapter on the shift in the balance of power in the creation and sharing of information.

Robin Stavisky to give us case studies, similar to her comprehensive report on PR as it's practiced at Cisco.

Richard Bailey to tell us what's in store for our relations with conventional and unconventional journalists and others with blog-posting, pod-casting, wiki-wonder power.

Don Dunnington to describe the new micro media in terms of classical PR thought.

And Steve O'Keefe to provide a contrarion's perspective — why he thinks everything we're saying is crap.

We'll do our first posts on our own blogs, then aggregate them here and in the new wiki we've created for this purpose.

The book will of course be open for wiki-style open-source contributions throughout.

I'll post a proposed opening chapter within the next week: “Collaborative PR: A Brief History.”